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Ever heard of N.I.M.B.I. I heard of the abbreviation very recently, when Mrs. Kumar referred to it at a function. Mrs. Bose and myself had a question mark look on our faces, another of Ma'ams surprises, that she holds up her sleeve, was going to come our way. What was NIMBI, she thought may be another function to organize another program to do. I was blank, may be its' an NGO, we've never heard about. But NIMBI was so simple, its' simplicity held us by surprise and we thought how better to begin the year, than carrying the message of NIMBI to all our Old Springdalian friends.

Well NIMBI simply means : "NOW I MUST BE INVOLVED"- and what better time to be involved with our dear school, than now, as it celebrates its' Golden Jubilee. And what could be more satisfying for a Springdalian than to see our school growing through the years into the fine institution of learning that it is.

The Golden Jubilee celebration commences in January 2005. The school has various programs on its agenda, and we at the OSA consider it a special privilege to be a part of these. There are Old Springdalians who have seen the school grow from the little rooms in East Patel Nagar to the magnificent building at Pusa Road and to the state of the art school at Dhaula Kuan. Our children in some cases our grand children are Springdalians, in other cases a parent or a spouse taught in the school and in others we decided to marry a Springdalian. Our lives in more ways than one is tied with that of the schools. As the school grew so did we, proud and delighted to see it blossom. Even in difficult and changing times it has stood by its' values, beliefs and ethos.

And now for how you can get involved. The Golden Jubilee celebration has certain specific programs for and by the OSA. Your participation in these, is more than welcome. Other programs are in collaboration with the school, requiring organizational and infrastructural participation, if these interest you, you are welcome to be a part of them. A calendar of events is attached with dates, venues and requirements.

Suggestions and involvement is what is required. The year ahead promises to be the most special in the history of Springdales - a golden period to celebrate our achievement and to look forward to a bright future. Do write to us with your ideas and be a part of all the celebrations.

Ritu Varma
Golden Jubilee and social events
+91 9810 198 968


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